Tuesday, October 14, 2008



I looked into your eye, I felt something at core!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saw thousand dreams which I never saw before.
Love use to be at the back of my mind!!!!
Though you will understand reading in between my line.

During night when I closed my eyes I saw you!!!
When I got up I had one regret that why it’s not true…
I wanted you to be near me and feel the love same as me !!!!!(it’s actually very difficult to write you may not understand while reading thy way I am felling )

I use to wish to talk to you till the end of the day !!!!!!!(after shift)
But I never use to find you around my way ….
Every moment I use to spent with you was like one of my dream coming true!!!!!
More than words I wanted to show you how I fell I use to look at you to show you how I fell !!!!!!!!!

Things started changing along with time I saw new thing changing and coming with this changing time!
Saw the new aspect of love and thought where the hell I was before. Love was not here anymore!!!!!!!
Fight use to come in my dreams therefore.

Want to love in my old dream as before !!!!!!!! I don’t know if you want to be with me anymore!!!!!!!

This is my story!!!!!!!!!!!!